Perfect for your corporate events, team building exercises, and parties!

16 Players or Fewer 


Option 1:

      Your group is split into two teams (up to 6 per team), and each team plays its own 1-hour game in different rooms. After the hour is up, the teams

switch rooms and play the other 1-hour game. Whichever team has the lowest combined time (or highest percentage of puzzles solved) wins.

Level of difficulty: optional (depends on which games you choose to play)

Book: As two separate games at the same time. Book online or e-mail us at codebreakersinfo@gmail.com.

Length: 3 hours total (2 hours game play each team)

Cost: $40/player 

Players: 8-12      

Option 2:

      Your group is split into two teams (up to 8 per team), and both play Game 2 at the same time. The game is divided into two rooms and each team

starts in their own room. They then have 30 minutes to solve the puzzles in their room and be the first team to open the connecting door. 

Whoever gets there first, wins that round. 

The teams then switch sides and play again. Whichever team has either two wins or highest percentage of puzzles solved, wins.

Level of difficulty: 2

Book: As a regular single game for Game 2. Book online. Note that it is a duel when booking.

Length: 1.5 hours total (1 hour game play each team)

Cost: $20/player

Players: 8-16

17 Players or More

   If you have more than 16 players, contact us for options. We can book back-to-back duels, play all the rooms at once, or design your own tournament

play. E-mail us at codebreakersinfo@gmail.com to discuss your needs.