Rules of Play

  1. Have fun and exercise your brain!

  2. Be respectful of the game props - try not to break anything(brain not brawn!)

  3. Be respectful of players in other games - if you shout they can hear you through the walls

  4. Keep the answers to the puzzles a secret - if you tell people who haven't played yet, it'll ruin the game for them

  5. Nothing goes in the game room except you - bags, coats, phones, etc. stay behind

  6. No shoes in the game rooms (to keep the floor as clean as possible so you can sit/crawl around on it). Bring socks or indoor shoes if you don't want to go barefoot

  7. Don't put any game props into your pockets -if you forget it's there and walk out with it we're going to have trouble setting up the game for the next team!

  8. Try to keep keys together with their locks after you're done with them (to avoid losing things and to minimize reset times)

  9. Objects with a Codebreakers sticker on them are not part of the game - leave them alone

  10. Try to escape in time! (We promise we'll let you out if you don't ...)