This Canada Day, your answer to socially-distant entertainment is here!

Somewhere in Winnipeg the Ruby Duckling is waiting to be found ... solve the clues, find the Duckling, and win the cash. Simple as that.

Register your team for a chance to win over $500. 

What is it?

The Hunt for the Ruby Duckling begins. 

Solve the clues, win the prize. It's as simple as that... or is it?

 Teams will receive their clue package simultaneously via e-mail and race to be the first to find the Ruby Duckling, which has been hidden somewhere in Winnipeg. 

Cash prize starts at a guaranteed minimum of $500. The pot increases based on a percentage of registrations - the more who register, the bigger the prize.

 What to expect

Clue packages will be sent out via e-mail at 11am on Wednesday, 1 July 2020. The Hunt begins then, and ends when the Ruby Duckling is found and prize is claimed. 

 Some research and some foot-work will both be required to solve The Hunt. 

Duckling is hidden somewhere within Winnipeg city limits. 

 When theRuby Duckling has been found and prize claimed, the website will be updated to announce the end of the contest.  Winners will find instructions on how to claim their prize. If you solve the puzzle after this time and want to know if you were correct, please e-mail us at 

 Rules of play

Teams should be comprised of 1-5 Hunters. Recommended team size is 2 Hunters.  Please play only with members of your household or inner circle, and adhere to government health recommendations at all times.

Purchase only 1 (one) ticket per team.

 Clue package will be sent via e-mail to the registered Hunter at 11am on Wednesday 1 July 2020. If you have not received your e-mail by 11:05, please check your junk and spam folders for anything from If you have still not received your clue package, please e-mail the organizers  and it will be re-sent.

 The Hunt will continue until treasure is found and prize is claimed. Expected play is 1-2 days, but no time limit has been set. 

 Be safe, be respectful.

Treasure has not been hidden in such a way that it requires the Hunters to be in any physical danger, to trespass, or to break any laws. 

Please do not destroy anyone's property on your Hunt.   Any holes you dig, YOU FILL afterward. Any items you move, YOU REPLACE afterward. 

The Ruby Duckling is NOT HIDDEN:

(a) on any property owned by or pertaining to the organizers, their family, or their friends. 
(b) on any private property, or in any place where destruction of property or trespassing would be required. 
(c) in any life-threatening location, such as at great height, near steep precipice, on railway tracks, in construction zones etc.
(d) in any cemetery. 
(e) in any flower bed. 

 Digging may be required. If so, at no greater depth than 2.5 feet from surface. Any holes you dig, you fill. 

If you find yourself wanting to dig in a place that would destroy architecture, vegetation, or landscaping; you are wrong. 


Prize winners must be registered Hunters to qualify. Claimants who are not registered will be disqualified.

Valid photo ID will be required to claim prize.

No persons related to the organizers shall be eligible to win the prize.

No residence or age requirements, contest is open to all. 

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