Frequently Asked Questions

What is Codebreakers and how does it work?

  > Codebreakers is a real-life escape-the-room game for groups of 2-8 people. Participants are locked into a game room and must use their ingenuity
and logic to find clues and solve puzzles to make their escape before the 60 minute timer reaches zero. Each of the games is a fun, challenging, thrilling
adventure that will make you think out of the box as you search for clues, keys, codes, and strange objects - and then figure out how to use them!

Who can play?

 > Anyone from age 6 and up. Game play does not involve strenuous movement or activity but will require standing, walking, crouching, and searching.
The only requirement is a sense of adventure!
 > Games are designed for adults and teens. Kids under 10 will still have a good experience if they are part of a
group that includes adults (and kids tend to be better at opening locks anyway!). All are welcome to try! 


How much does it cost?

  > 4 players or fewer: $25 each (including tax).
 > 5 players or more: $20 each (including tax). 


How can I pay?

  > By cash or credit or debit tap (tap only, no chip/PIN sorry)  in person on the day of your appointment. 

How do I book?

 > Click on "Book Online". Our booking software will show you which time slots are available for each game and guide
you through the booking process. Still have questions? E-mail us at

Can I buy gift certificates?

 > Yes! Call/e-mail us or come see us during opening hours for gift cards in any amount. 

Do you have a party room?

> Yes! We have a 175sq-ft room with a capacity of up to 16 people for you to use before or after your game for food, presents, or socializing.
We provide tables & chairs, an assortment of board games, chalk board, magnetic darts, and a bluetooth speaker for your music. Cost is $25/hr. 
Book by phone or email. 

What if I don't know how many people are coming or the number changes?

  > That's okay. Book for the minimum number of players you expect. Extra players (up to each room's maximum) can be added in when you show
up for your appointment. You only pay for the number of people that show up.

How does the duel work?

 > See Duels page.
 > Up to 12 players. You are split into two teams and play the Grandma's Attic game which has two different rooms within it. One team starts in
each room. You then have 30 minutes to solve the puzzles in your room and be the first to open the connecting door. Whichever team gets there
first wins that round. You then return to the lobby, we re-set the game, and you switch sides and play again. If you win both rounds, you win the duel!
If you each win once, the team with the fastest time is the winner.

Is it scary?

 > Nope! The games are designed to be exhilarating, not frightening. And if you don't make it out in time, we'll let you out!

Am I actually locked in?

  > Yes and no. The door you enter the room through will remain unlocked in case of emergency or in case you have to use the washroom. 

Can I hide a special present/surprise in the room? 

 > Definitely! We love this sort of thing. Let us know at the time of booking and we'll help you make your occasion even more exciting. Hide presents or
surprises for someone special! 

How early should I get there? 

  > Please arrive at your appointment time, not before. If you are late, we might have to reduce the amount of time you can spend in the room. After
half an hour, your appointment will be cancelled. 

Is it wheelchair accessible?

  > The building has stair access only and we are on the second floor.

What should I wear?

 > Wear something that you are comfortable moving around in. The game will involve general standing, walking, crouching, bending, lifting, reaching,
and searching, but nothing strenuous. A dress and heels are probably not ideal.  SHOES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE ROOM. PLease bring socks or indoor 
shoes with you. 

202-110 Osborne Street, Winnipeg, MB R3L 1Y5
(204) 615-CODE (2633)